Kimberly Lee is a transformational speaker, author, coach, ordained minister and the director of the Bridge to Breakthrough Experience. She is fiercely committed to coaching people into their value, vision and voice. She builds up those who are processing their pain and yet pursuing their purpose so they can come into their breakthrough. On the Brink of a Breakthrough and Bridge to Breakthrough was  designed to help you shift from mindsets that undermine your potential while encouraging you to ASK YOURSELF, "WHY NOT ME? 


Getting involved now with Bridge to Breakthrough will offer you fresh and anointed insights through faith-based teachings, prayer calls to foster fellowship, vison boarding, and strategic courses which unearths the negative cycles or habits and replaces them with positive solutions to move you forward.


If you know your pain has purpose and you want to get rid of the actions where you dumb yourself down to fit in, because you know that there’s more, then Kimberly is equipped to guide you. With the concepts life and other teachers have presented Kimberly she has cultivated her raw pain into refined strategies for purpose like how to manage a small business, author a book and now inspiring others on their journey to purpose.


Bridge to Breakthrough’s mission is to call you out, encourage you, urge you and build you up to live God’s personal best for your life! Kimberly’s path to becoming a Breakthrough Coach became clear in 2014 when she wrote her first book On the Brink of a Breakthrough.  After being exhausted with the negative recurring cycles in her own life, she was left with restlessness in her spirit that left her with a nagging feeling that there must be more! She desperately needed to connect with God and herself on a deeper level and she would do this by renewing her mind and being courageous enough to process her pain instead of burying it deeper inside. Burying pain only led to being driven back into negative cycles, unfulfilling jobs, poor relationships and spiritual stagnancy. She decided enough was enough! She wanted off the merry-go-round and so, with a made up mind and prayer, God began to lead her through the process of dying to the old and awakening to the new. She has learned what she will now teach you, it is work and will continue to take work, but it’s worth it! This transformative journey has led her, and will lead you, to more than you’ve been looking for.


What lights Kim up about this work is knowing that her experiences coupled with her training will be used as catalyst for someone else’s awakening to purpose. What set Kim apart from others is simply her, her experiences, ideas and trials that are unique to her. She feels a deep sense of call to this work and she has a passion to serve by teaching the principle’s God has given her to overcome. This call gives way to her helping others to interrupt negative cycles while providing strategies to help you defeat the attacks that come to keep you stagnant.


So if you are ready to cross your Bridge to Breakthrough it would be her pleasure to guide you in achieving the results you desire in life while doing some soul alignment work together!