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Power Lessons




Hi friend,

I hope you are doing well! I had the urge to share some of my lessons. I hope they add value to your week and your life.

1. Make sure your relationships are reciprocal. Over time if you do most of the heavy lifting you can hurt yourself and stifle those in your circle or on your team to forfeit improving their skill set and cultivating their untapped potential.

2. Sometimes you will have to advocate on behalf of others, in a spiritual, professional or personal capacity when you speak on behalf of someone (for their good ) be concise and clear about their needs. Remember you are championing the situation to suit them and set boundaries for them so they experience safety to the fullest degree possible in whatever the situation

3. Assume nothing. Ask questions.

4. Do not be afraid to communicate your wants/needs to leaders whether on the upper level or parallel level. Even if your needs/wants cannot be accommodated at the time you have clearly shared what you need to be successful whether in the moment or long term; this gives leaders the substance concerning you they need to make informed decisions about you, your team, business, family etc

5. All of us have tough situations to deal with at times-we are human. Remember it’s okay to experience your emotions in those moments but be mindful not to let those tough moments create a mindset of defeat

6. Just because something or someone is familiar does not mean it’s suitable for you. If your comfort zone is causing you to birth chaos—Do what you need to in order to garner the courage to walk into your next level of freedom

7. Frenemies are unpleasant yet serve their purpose. Most times they have opportunities to turn the situation into an integral one but most won’t. You can open your heart, your home, your resources and it’s still not enough to change the human heart. Especially if they think they want what you have without any regard for what you had to do to get it. They also show you where you lack boundaries and personal integrity. They force you to look at your voids and how you are choosing to fill them. Hopefully you choose to fill them with the Image of God, His love and His purpose, this is bonefide armor against frenemies in the first place. Just when frenemies think they’re getting the upper hand, they find that their hand is serving the very one (God and you)they are opposing. That’s a great lesson for us to learn.

8. Active involvement in ministry is a good thing; definitely has the potential mature you but it is not, in itself, a guarantee of spiritual life or health.

9. Don’t tolerate foolishness

10. When you sense God moving in a new direction-move with Him. It will feel scary but resist the urge to make past moves of God in your life into monuments -by faith (and Gods instruction) move with Him on the winds of His wings

11. In leadership there will always be tension between directions given and expectations. The same grace you desire will be the same grace you’ll need to show those you are leading as they grow into the fullness of their tittle and scope of their work

12. Lead in love and when you don’t do a quick course correction to get back to pure motives

13. Dont trade dignity for company

14. 🛑 Stop walking with people who refuse to match your moral code

15. Grow 🆙 wherever you need to- you may be an adult but you will always be growing and maturing. Be honest with yourself and show yourself some compassion

16. If you constantly want to match low level energy and be petty-pray and go to therapy if necessary. Rise above up it. It’s not worth your peace or freedom

17. Share helpful tried wisdom / experiences with the younger generation so they have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions instead of repeating stupid, hurtful, poor, ugly, time wasting cycles! Some transparency can save lives!

18. Remain Grateful. Entitlement is ugly and unproductive. It tears up relationships.

19. Choose joy, protect your peace and do what makes you happy. You can be holy and happy

20. Find the courage to tell people the truth so you can stop wasting your life’s essence and time

21. Do whatever it takes to move your life forward by faith, wisdom and the grace of God

Have an empowered week!

Remember to get your next empowered tee!!!

Kim V.


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