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Today a friend blessed me with your book. To be honest from time to time other friends have given me books to read. I take them half-hardly with the intention of someday reading them. Your book went in my pocket right after church destined for the same fate.  But something was different. My friend said I know the author she is serious. Feeling at the end of my rope in a 25 year marriage (no negative words) I took your book and sat outside in my backyard not really expecting anything.  I thought would read a word or two. Needless to say I am feeling so uplifted and hopeful I had to stop just long enough to say God Bless you for writing this book. I will write you again and talk about the impending breakthrough.
Love you.

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I was asked a question while watching during class, it was, am I living by design or default? This was very profound to me because we can design things as simple as our cell phones. So why was living by default? If I can design a specific ringtone then I could design my life. It was time to have a meeting with the CEO of my soul! Thanks Kim!

You are now my life coach!

February 01, 2016

Thank God for using you in His timing. Life is hard for many and your coaching is appreciated. Be blessed fellow servant in Christ. This class was right on time and now consider you my life coach!

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