Wisdom from the Wilderness is a composed of practical principles, spiritual insight and encouragement guiding you into clarity and action through journaling.I am glad that you’ve decided to do one of the most important things in your life and that is to carve out special time for yourself to pursue your own purpose, peace, identity and soul wealth. This time and effort are the epitome of self-care! When we carve out this distinctive time with which to learn about God, ourselves, others and decide our own resolutions about the one life we must live- it will result in many things but here are three:

•Time well spent -resulting in clarity and focus

•Precision when it comes to purpose

•Personal fulfillment, peace and rewardI’ve compiled these quotes and thoughts in hopes that they will bless others as they did me through many of the hardest times in my life. While not overnight, those hard times ended up resulting in an overwhelming victory within me and for me! Know this Thank you for taking this journey with me, I pray it marks a time of discovery, revelation and wealth in your soul and wealth in your life. Know this, God’s well mapped out plan has prepared our exodus, our establishment in life and the power we need to execute our purpose. Read the verses and follow the writing prompts to gain the most out of this tool.

Wisdom Journal