No you're not crazy: How to stay present when life seems unmanageable.

How to stay present when life gets unmanageable!

When we journey through life, can we be, simply be who God created, be ourselves and be at peace? Sounds like a humongous task and responsibility doesn’t it? Even writing about it seems a little far- fetched and light years away yet so many other truths come to mind that contradict that theory. So what that tells me is I/we are the variable in equation for the right answer to surface. So what do we do when we are all over the place and being in the moment is unfamiliar as a perfect stranger walking down the street? I believe the first effort on our part is to recognize the areas around us that suffer because we believe handling more than one task at a time is going to make us more productive or bring us some tremendous Oscar worthy awards. Productivity is different from busy as living authentically is different from simply existing. But to whom will those awards go for our being beyond busy, untrue to ourselves, untrue to our real value, vision and voice? No one. I believe a lot of woes in society and family can boil down to us individually living true blue to ourselves. Again, easier said than done right? So how do we breakthrough to the real and simply “be”? Examination, honesty and strategy help us exist in a way that to thrive; because as it’s been said, “Victories don’t come by accident.” Here are some things that can help us stay present, stay focused.

  1. To experience Jesus is to meet him regularly by doing something, like studying the bible or meeting with other believer’s to discuss topics of faith, family etc. Something else would be experiencing God’s presence in prayer. To encounter Jesus is to meet Him without expecting or intending to, like the woman at the well in the bible.

  2. Turn over things that you have no control over; they will only stir up worry in your life which causes a myriad of unnecessary burden. You turn them over by realizing that God has given you many promises to stand on in place of each and every problem we may face. Our responsibility is to know the promise, pray the promise, believe and trust God to bring it to pass. Speak the promises of God, and talk with purpose to see the promise. Get rid of unnecessary drama and stop reacting to it, instead respond with the wise words or maybe even with silence. What you do have control over, make adjustments to walk in obedience to the Word of God; act it out!

  3. In order to “be” a new way we must think a new way, especially about ourselves! We are valuable. Scripture says, “For by one offering He has perfected forever and completely cleansed those who are being sanctified [bringing each believer to spiritual completion and maturity]. God is not improving us like an upgrade on a phone; he has perfected us forever by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Because of his sacrifice we are completely perfected for good! Now although we have perfect position before God (because of Christ) our practices are yet to be worked on daily! We are not alone in our practice; the Holy Spirit is here to help us to become more like Jesus Christ.

  4. Let God show you, you. Jesus had a conversation with a woman at a well. During that conversation they talked about water, buckets, cross-culture issues, Jesus being the One, being thirsty, worship and eternal life. Jesus offered her living water and promised if she took the water, she would never thirst again. Jesus said something specific to her about her lifestyle once she accepted. He said, “Go call your husband and come here.” Jesus was not trying to shame her; he was giving her an opportunity to repent so she could receive freedom the bondage of adultery. As believers we are to strip ourselves of every unnecessary weight and sin which can easily and cleverly entangle us so we can run our race with persistence. She was finally honest and because of her confession she was no longer thirsty and she was alive to God, for good! Here thirst was quenched; she ran away with purpose and dare I say vision and voice for her new lifestyle. She left her water pot, she left her way of filling her deepest longings and gave that right to great I AM, Jehovah!

  5. Plot and plan your goals to stay on track-Realize you have purpose and were not sent here to simply exist; there are dreams with your name attached to them! Make sure your goals are relevant and meaningful to you and those you serve in family, work, community and elsewhere. Make a list and give it your best shot every day. We can get encumbered with unnecessary busy work when we don’t prioritize what’s important and what is relevant. Celebrate your victories along the way and if you miss it, show yourself and others grace try it again. You can also steer clear of procrastination by taking inventory of a particular missed goal. Procrastination is our way of saying; I am not taking care of me or something else so I am putting this goal off for now; pay attention to this scenario so you can stop sabotaging yourself. Remember to stay teachable along the way this helps you maintain a serenity knowing that it’s not all done in a day and there’s no reason to re-invent the wheel. Lastly, keep away from dream killers and invest in yourself.

To “be” identifies a person, describes the qualities of a person and indicates the condition of a person or thing. I’d like to point out that the more we live authentically to who we are in Christ Jesus and who we are personally the more we are at peace in order to do what we are called to and what we have to do with more ease. The more we renew our minds about who we are in Christ the more aware we become of our value, our vision for life and our unique voice. Cut ties with unproductive things in order to press toward the right mark. Someone asked me this week, “How do you stay in the moment?” I answered with the five steps listed above and ultimately dismissed the myth that multitasking life is the best way to go all the time. While some things are repetitive and take little thought, the better solution was to work hard on being present in each situation. In addition, being honest, regular reflection, intentional goal setting, renewing the mind, being true to our emotional health, acknowledge when we need help and giving it our best to blossom right where we are no matter the situation. With this in mind, we become better at “being”, in order to walk a little more graceful into doing and having the best of what we need.

Coach Kimberly

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