So how is breakthrough like diamonds anyway?

Like breakthrough, like diamonds

Breakthrough is about decision. Funny thing about decisions, once you make them you have to committ to them for them to work in your favor. Breakthrough is a decision to humble yourself, seek higher wisdom and execute that wisdom to live with an elevated mindset. Let’s talk about that, an elevated mindset aligns itself with the Word of God and agrees with the Word of God. An elevated mindset also learns from life instead of being embittered or intimidated by life’s experiences. As you live with an elevated mindset you position yourself for new awareness, motivation, results and divine intervention. Breakthrough is not waiting on God or the universe to send you some good energy and do all the work for you. Breakthrough is not being inspired and then letting that word fall on poor soil. It is you coming into an awareness that living in a place of attack or lack is no longer working or satisfying for you. Breakthrough is about doing some soul-work, meaning getting in the trenches and mining out the good stuff and leaving the bad or unusable substance behind. Yes, that’s it, wave goodbye to the cubic zirconia, for this topic anyway. But if you want the best then you have to be willing to dig deep; kind of like mining for diamonds.

A diamond is a formidable fancy that most people love. They are beautiful yet their beauty must be formed over long periods of time and explosives are used to mine them out of long deep open pit mines where rocks are crushed to find where diamonds reside. Once the rocks are crushed the search begins for the diamonds. Most times we are unfamiliar with the process of diamond as we are with breakthrough. We simply see the nice cut, clarity, carat and color and proceed with the ooh’s and ahh’s. Just looking at it closely makes you want one for yourself, especially us girls! This poses a problem though because we see someone who has gained a breakthrough or an area of success and we look as if from the jewelry case point of view not at all realizing the amount of work that went into drawing out that type of value. A breakthrough like finding diamonds takes digging. What do you dig for you ask? You are digging for diamonds of wisdom to gain an understanding of your identity in Christ and to know about yourself past and present to stop any inhibiting cycles potentially caused by pain or recurring problems that keep you from living your most abundant life. As a believer this abundant life is yours, Jesus put it like this, “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows] John 10:10.” I love the word overflow, don’t you? So, as this crashing cataclysm takes place breakthrough will result in:

  • Realizing the raw material of who you are and your true value

  • Realizing a true vision for your life

  • Realizing that you have an authentic voice and contribution that needs to be developed and heard

You are essentially turning your problems into progress!

The mining during breakthrough process will help you gain strategies for you to execute and lift you from the pits of life into a life of purpose. Unearthing breakthrough brings a new clarity to your life causing you to know and understand what you truly want as well as eliminate excuses and draw boundaries that create real healthiness in your life. This part hurts a little because some relationships and behaviors have to be cut off because they are not aligned with your decision to get off of the roller coaster of repeat! This doesn’t mean that you are petty in anyway it means your circle is getting smaller because others true motives (good and bad) will be revealed concerning your new decision. Ok? Just so you know.

Now, once you start to experience breakthrough it is like a breath of fresh air, so fresh you will not be satisfied with the old stagnant air of being stuck. Breakthrough again, is about changing your mind and gaining a paradigm shift that will help you move into your best life, you know, the one Jesus thought you ought to have. In my book “On the Brink of a Breakthrough” I define it as a sudden advance of knowledge to breakthrough an enemy line. Breakthrough is a place where you really need to hear (God and yourself) so you will need to cut off some of life’s static (drama/busyness) and create times to get quiet so you can think about what you really want and decide how you want to go about expressing your new leap forward. A life style of breakthrough will filter into every area of your life resulting in a renewed mind, pointed actions for better decision making and a sharpened life skillset. It will also result in some failures but just remember to fall forward, get up and forgive yourself or others and don’t wallow.

As we journey to breakthrough one of the main elements of our lives will be communion with God and to inquire of Him. We see this with David when God broke through for him at a place called Baal-Perazim. David said, “Shall I go up and fight the Philistines? Will you help me beat them?” “Go up,” God replied. “Count on me. I’ll help you beat them.” David then went straight to Baal Perazim, and smashed them to pieces. Afterward David said, “God exploded on my enemies like a gush of water.” That’s why David named the place Baal Perazim (The-Master-Who-Explodes) 1 Samuel 5 Message.

As we commune with God in prayer and inquire of Him, study His word and listen we will undoubtedly come away with the mind of God for us and our situation. God is faithful like that. When we listen and follow God’s leading for our lives transformation begins to take place and we become candidates for a cutting away process, new strategies and for a divine move of God. During the process of breakthrough like the diamond you will endure some refining and it will yield:

  • Cutting away of problematic cycles, self-defeating behaviors, lies and excuses

  • Cutting into your invaluable worth, truth, revelation, the love of God, love for yourself and others and emotional well being

Both of these aspects of breakthrough will cause you to experience new facets in your life, new experiences and new freedoms and even some new friends and connections. As I mentioned before, during the breakthrough process you will gain new clarity of vision for your life, new ways to measure what is good for you and what is not; you will have little tolerance for drama and a new hunger for destiny that satisfies you and glorifies God! You will learn new systems to protect your breakthrough like my “Set it” strategy, I call it set it because you set the strategy (especially in transition)just like a clock for when you need to get somewhere to do something on time and it goes like this:

  • Say, Set your mind-then get in alignment with the Word of God for your life and other positive educational tools

  • Say, Set your mouth- then align your words with to agree with God, pray and speak those words over your life and situations to see kingdom results

  • Say, Set your actions-then create/re-visit your life vision and goals and align your actions to accommodate your vision and goals ethically, spiritually and naturally

These strategies do not create a perfect life but they do help you to be proactive when problems arise, and help to create core values that will help to govern your life and result in more peaceful living. With this a fresh breeze of purpose will begin to blow as your carve out a new vision for your life and accept the fact that you have an authentic voice. You realize that even though your circumstances are considerable, maybe even hard, maybe they are not even your fault and you are not your circumstances, your troubles or your history. You are a masterpiece, a unique individual whose voice pattern was designed to speak into the lives of others in a valuable and meaningful way. When you breakthrough you are taking responsibility for your body of work and the impact you desire to make in this world; that’s voice! You will be accountable to cultivate a lifestyle by design by understanding your call as a witness for the Lord and understanding your personal call from Jesus to your tribe. In addition, it’s up to you to allow God to be your GPS, if you will, to remain focused and remember your prophetic declarations to remind you of your divine DNA and to fight a good fight of faith over your life.

Pursuing breakthrough can be like going from dark to light, weak to strong, deficit to dignity, lack to prosperity and dumbing down to flowing because God loves you deeply. The result of a lifestyle of breakthrough is creating a living legacy and defending by faith your new way of living. You’d do it again and again because you understand the process was undertaken by the Master’s hand who alone has the expertise and the right tools to accomplish breakthrough with you. And another thing, you realize you’ve gone from rough to plain, crooked to straight, cluttered to clarity and rough to brilliantly polished with room to grow.

So, why you are still stuck your time is now!

Kimberly Lee

Bridge to Breakthrough

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