Committed to Change

Committed to Change

There is an anonymous quote that snaps “Life is change, growth is optional, choose wisely.” The quote

quips sharply but honestly without room for excuse by saying you grow or not grow but change is going to take place whether you like it or not so choose wisely. Change can be exciting as it is exhausting but it is necessary. Proclaiming a stance of stagnation where change is concerned is like putting a beautiful plant in a dark room that is clearly marked “Plenty of water and light!”, and expecting it to live and blossom; it won’t blossom it will die. I have learned that if you navigate change wisely, keeping your vision before you; it will cause progress.

On the other hand in my experience excessive amounts of change can lead to weariness. A lot of change all at once can feel like your mind and actions are moving 10 steps ahead of your body. So how in the world does the average person deal with life’s changes whether big or small, insignificant or life shattering? As I was writing Jesus came to mind, most believer’s know that he came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10) and he was also made manifest to destroy the works of the devil. During his time of ministry and grooming the disciples to take over once endowed with power from on high he kept repeating once statement that I find interesting, “The Son of Man must suffer many things. He will be rejected by the older Jewish leaders, the leading priests and teachers of the law. And he will be killed. But after three days he will be raised from death.” He consistently recited his purpose for being on earth and he did not lose sight of the goal in the face of constant change. I believe he was teaching us to keep the goal in view and the joy of our end result in front of us as well. He didn’t stop praying, moving and changing or living, he did all this with his destiny in mind.

In dealing with a major life change myself, I found a few things to be helpful. The first thing is to realize the most constant thing about life is change so learn how to navigate it successfully whatever that means for you. For me it meant realizing change is constant so I needed to embrace that fact and come up with some ways to soften the blow if you will because all change good or bad has the propensity to produce stress.

Be willing-Be willing to deepen your roots of faith in God and realize no matter how out of control you feel God is always in control. Although things around us are always changing God is our constant. God is constant and working situations in your favor even when it feels like you are waiting and waiting. It’s in these times we need to be willing to grow by faith believing all we are going through is working for our good. Hebrews teaches us that God stays the same, he never fades and he never wears out and we can take confidence in that fact. God loves us always regardless of the changes going on in our lives.

Keep an attitude of gratitude- A good attitude is like a good pair of springs and shocks keeping you from bouncing all around with every fleeting emotion during a transition, a good attitude provides a controlled ride and helps to keep you safely grounded. Add to that gratitude and you will take on a sense of humility and thankfulness for every blessing that comes your way, I like to say it like this, “I have gone through so much transition and it has reduced me to gratefulness.” I say that because transition deals in the unknown and you don’t know everything but you know God is with you and has promised to provide for you. Once he provides you find yourself overwhelmingly thankful. So once you remove the notion that you know how God is going to provide you open yourself up to the many ways he can provide and that causes gratefulness.

Rest and Recovery-You can become so inundated with change you forget to rest and reflect on the changes taking place which ultimately cause you to spiral out. I know this personally because during a transition from state to state I’d become so busy, I wasn’t eating and resting properly and when I finally got to the state I was moving to I ended up in the hospital for dehydration. So rest, reflect and recover from change. Give yourself time to absorb all that’s happening so you won’t crash and burn. Jesus says, “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Seeking direction-Psalm 32:8 says, “God will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go. He will guide me with His eye. Wow, what a promise! God promises to guide and oversee everything that is going on in our lives. Ultimately we plan and God orders our steps, what assurance for us during times of change that can be so uncertain, we have the certainty that God is guiding us with a watchful eye and is helping us make good destiny decisions.

Prepare for rain-Preparing for rain means to live by faith and expect the blessings of God because he promised to care for his people. It would go against his giving nature not give to his children and bless them with his best choice for them. He promises in the Word to see to our needs in an abundant way and teaches “If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.

So with that being said, embrace change with faith and certainty knowing that God is for you and with you no matter how uncharted the waters may seem. Trust that God will be your absolute best navigation system and trust that you can do this, you were made for this and you will stay the course because God promised to complete that which concerns you; he started a good work in you and he will see to it that it is completed even in the light of major change. So ultimately staying committed to change is staying committed to your best life.

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