Let change bring out the Champion in You!

Let Change Bring Out the Champion in You!

Change can be like the childhood monster in the closet you never wanted to confront so you allow your imagination to take over and scare you ridiculously! Change can be like dew on the front lawn after a spring rain with the sun glistening just right so all you can do is breath in and let out a grateful sigh. Change is about perspective. Perspective is said to be reality so it’s important that your vantage point catapults’ you instead of crushing you as you navigate times of change in your life.

There is an anonymous quote that snaps “Life is change, growth is optional, choose wisely.” The quote quips sharply but honestly without room for excuse by implying you either grow or not but change is going to take place whether you like it or not so choose wisely. Change can be exciting as it is exhausting but it is necessary. Think about it, anything not changing is not truly growing. Proclaiming a stance of stagnation where change is concerned is like putting a beautiful plant in a dark room that is clearly marked “Plenty of water and light!”, and expecting it to live and blossom unfortunately it won’t blossom it will die. I have learned that if you navigate change wisely, keeping your vision before you; it will cause you to progress.

In addition, in my experience excessive amounts of change can lead to weariness. A lot of change all at once can feel like your mind and actions are moving 10 steps ahead of your body. So how in the world does the average person deal with life’s changes whether big or small, insignificant or life shattering? Let’s dig a little deeper, I have a few ideas I hope will help. These ideas come from my life experiences of steering my way out of adulterous marriage, having to leave my love of ministry to my community, closing my small business, plotting a courageous course of healing for myself and my children after the end of my twenty year marriage and last but not least leaving my home in Seattle to trail blaze a fresh start and build again in Nevada. Talk about change right? Scary as it may be I believe a few ideals can help you confront “the monster” if you want the reality of new, better, brighter future or maybe just an upgrade either way I think this will help.

Be open-Have the courage to dig a little deeper within yourself and bring about who you truly desire to

be, remember change can also be an opportunity to walk even more authentically than you ever have before. A little faith goes along way, you have to believe you can be better and you have the wherewithal to course correct to your advantage. It’s in these times we need to be willing to grow by believing all we are going through is working for our good. It’s only when we fall and fail do we identify with the innate hunger for purpose and purity of path.

Keep an attitude of gratitude- A good attitude is like a good pair of springs and shocks keeping you from bouncing all around with every fleeting emotion during a transition, a good attitude provides a controlled ride and helps to keep you safely grounded. Remember, it could be worse!

Rest and Recovery-You can become so inundated with change that you forget to rest and reflect on the changes taking place which ultimately cause you to spiral out of control. Give yourself time to absorb all that’s happening so you won’t crash and burn then find things to do that help you release frustrations and give you peace of mind, give you opportunity to hear things you normally wouldn’t and allow your creativity to flow.

Seek and sever-As you prepare and plan to implement new things, it is ok to seek out help. Not a

person on this earth is above help. Try a coach, a minister, a mentor, business coach or someone that has walked a similar path to help you make great destiny decisions. Learn to let things go that will keep you bound to your past or obligated to bitterness. I learned along my journey that the best practices bring about the best choices so keep your character intact. Use times of change as leverage to envision your dreams and plan your next action steps. Redeem your time, it’s your life!

Do your work and Prepare for rain-When you commit to doing your work through times of change it will be inevitable that you will grow personally and even professionally. Sometimes we are so used to giving we forget to allow ourselves to actually enjoy the good times we have been preparing to experience.

So with that being said, no matter how uncharted the waters may seem embrace change with faith and certainty knowing that once you rediscover your value, life vision and authentic voice you will find new strength, you will create, you will build because you are absolutely amazing. When the winds of change blow, embrace them to the best of your ability and for a fact “this too shall pass.” Let the champion in you stay committed because it is our struggles that bring about our greatest strengths. Staying committed to navigate change successfully is staying committed to your best life. Click the peaceful woman below and get your free 10 minute breakthrough session!

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