How the Power of Now can push you into Purpose

Do you have a dream? Then step into the power of Now!

Dr. Martin Luther King did say, “I have a dream” but he also said “We have come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now.” As Dr. King read his famous speech he urged his audience to wake up to the power of now. The power vested in us to do something now. The power of now is a decision to act wisely’ to fulfill the call to bring about the best for yourself and others. The power of now manages well and fair and recognizes opportunity and multiplies it. The “power of now” is to see and understand the fact that you are specially gifted in some way and to respect the time with which you have been given to develop that gift and be tenacious yet wise about multiplying your abilities and serving others with them. In our society we tend to look for the gift sometimes not realizing we are the gift.

My first question for you today, “What are you going to give back to the world?” How will you serve

from your soul in a deeper way builds other up? On a very mass scale we can do that from our laptops by giving to charity or sacrificing a few hours in the local mission field and these are warranted but just what if you multiplied you? You are fearfully and wonderfully made, full of gifts and talents, smarts, good looks, a great heart and a brilliant mind! What if you multiplied your business acumen, your talent and your abilities with which to serve the world with? What if we put the time in to change our world, not the entire world but our sphere of influence? What if we start there and spread abroad. Napoleon Hill said, "If you can't do great things do small things in great way." What if we modeled responsible wealth and health to those around us right now? How would that change the world at large? Along the lines of the prestigious words of Dr. Seuss, “What if our boys and girls knew there is no one in the world that is more qualified to be you-er than you!” What if we healed ourselves and truly walked in the light of who we were created to be and do what we were created to do? Sound like more warm fuzziness or crazy coaching? By the end of this talk, I’ll let you decide.

I love the quote spoken by Steve Jobs, “The people who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do.” There is something about a person on the brink of a breakthrough, they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Then something happens, a paradigm shift, they stop waiting on the hottest new thought leader and become their own “thought leader!” These people stop looking at the problem and start looking at the possibilities, what if I am called to inspire people and speak to them all over the world, what if I am called break the internet with my idea, what if I am called to the world of business as the next mogul?

Opportunity- a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something we wouldn’t normally do.

Do we miss opportunity because it looks like problem that needs to be solved? Do we lack focus? In our own personal lives do we stop regularly enough to ask what direction is my life going or how can I begin again, how can I pursue my passion? Have you been mulling that idea of your's over too long? In those quiet moments of forging forward and focusing on what could bring about a breakthrough in areas of your life know this- A breakthrough is a decision to use the sudden advance of knowledge to bring about a solution. You and I just have to put the work in, Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and nine-ty nine percent perspiration. In business, for example there are so many benefits and I found that out first hand; time, legacy, tax benefits, sustainable assets, money, new relationships business and personal. Will you take the opportunity of now to harness the greatness in you, deeper fulfillment, increase and soul-prosperity? If so leave behind things like problematic thinking, lack of desire, living comfortably in our comfort zone, being faithfully fearful to what scares you the most, being unresourceful or procrastinating politely through life unawakened to the occasions that will bring real peace, real posterity and real prosperity.

If we bring baggage into our now moments, we keep ourselves from the results we truly want to see. I

found one thing is that we make decisions from our current situations instead of for the future we want to behold. Let’s walk across the bridge to breakthrough. I am not sure what it is for you that keeps you from results. I know exactly what it was for me that kept me from results; I lacked depth in my personal value, my life vision and my voice. I was guilty of dumbing myself down to make others comfortable, procrastinating because I hadn’t hit the threshold of breakthrough to do the work that propelled my life in the direction I wanted it to go or believing deep down that I would just have to put my dreams on hold because I wore so many other hats.

Putting your dreams on hold or missing opportunities takes away from your completeness as it does all of ours. In light of that, it’s not just you either that suffers- it’s also your circle; tribe and your community that suffers because you are not pouring from the Grand Marque of your gifting and your ability. It’s time to get healed of this so we create environments that thrive instead of just survive. When we neglect our talents we by default say no to opportunity! In the words of President Obama, “Hitch your wagon to something bigger and believe in your ability to bring about change.” I was brought up in the Midwest, where I had what I needed but never really what I wanted, wealth or entrepreneurial ship was not my model, a girl, a black girl with a dysfunctional history, eventually young and married and in debt taking what I could get.

When I was left holding the bag of a broken 20 year marriage, debt, hurt, embarrassment, pain that dripped like a leaky faucet, kids that were looking for answers as to why this happened to us, I had one decision to make. Will you take the stage in your own life? With those type of defining moments the curtain opens to purpose and you are the main character in the stage of your life now. What will you do now? Will you run off stage or will you show up in your own life right now? Will you shine like you were meant to? Take your lampshade off and be the light set on hill to illuminate lives all around you that cross your path. Could it be that some other woman needs to see you be the woman that does it first? Could it be that a young brown skinned boy needs to see you in the light of entrepreneurship so he knows, I can do this! Who needs to see you do this, who needs to see you create legacy?

A turn of events happened though I became a believer! I believed that my history was no longer my destiny. Jesus did say to a woman, "Daughter your faith has made you whole." I believed that if I did the work I could see the results of my labor. I believed that there was something bigger than me; I believed I could take control of my own economic engineering. Instead of taking what I could get, I started to believe I could give in order to take my life back. Give what? My gifts, talents, abilities and answers to problems that once seemed insurmountable to me. I started to pour out of my pain and in the words of Iyanla Vanzant, “I did my work.” Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again only this time more intelligently.” We all have something to pour, so who is not benefiting from the buffet of your brilliance? I encourage you today embrace you’re defining moments with abandon and precise action; that is how you will press in your purpose.

For me in particular girls, my girls, other disadvantaged women, other business owners, ministers, moms, family and friends; who is it for you? Who needs your light? Who needs you to act now and write that write the business plan and open that business, who needs to see the promotion and participation of minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprises rise to the occasion again. Who needs to see you use the power of now? There is a quote that says be the change you want to see, so for me I struck while the iron was hot and got healed, got better, I opened the business, I started speaking and I started prospering.

So what do we do to go from sparkling embers of desire to full blown blaze of living our dreams? One thing- harness your resourcefulness, you can do this! I started to harness my resourcefulness not my resources because if you remember I didn’t have very many at the time I started public in the speaking/coaching arena but as I started to harness my resourcefulness what I wanted began to manifest! I had to rise to the occasion to stop looking at problems and start looking at possibilities, preparing for purpose to happen and creating containers that could hold my increase and I encourage you to do the same. Again Dr. King said, I have a dream which is still so profound so I am asking you will you step into yours? I know you have a dream, a mission, a purpose will you use the power of right now to step in to it, to step into something that could change your world and maybe even the world? If you are ready here’s how to begin:


  1. Use the power of now- Respect your time and talents. Multiply them to see advance and increase in your life.

  2. Mine out your purpose-What do you want? What is calling you?

  3. Invest in personal development- Don’t just go through life grow through it.

  4. Prepare for opportunity to knock on your door-Plan, strategize and create containers for increase.

Coach Kimberly,

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