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My epiphany on Next Level Living

Next level living is not about acqiring more things but a quality of life that comes from excercising our

faith in God, His Word and ourselves. I like to call it faith on fire(#faithonfire) because it takes passion and intensity to keep the faith for everyday situations and for when life gets real hard. It takes realizing God has given every person a measure of faith and its up to us to use it and excercise it! This passionate faith is needed especially when you need a miracle or you are facing painful truths that will utimately lead to restoration. You will need passionate faith to process the present truths but look past your past and your mistakes and not become them.

When we walk into this level of living we are bound to see God's ordained demonstration of power and the manifestation of our true self, and our best self will emerge as we pass life's tests and graduate from level to level. Personal growth is the real growth you witness as you excercise your faith for things/values you believe for but cannot see. I believe a problem we encounter half the time is we refuse to even ask for what we need or even want because of low esteem in God and ourselves. I love the verse that says, "by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire (1 Peter 2). It's through believing for God's promises and seeing them come to pass that we become more like God. I think we dumb down our needs and wants becasue we feel it makes us look hyper-spiritual if we don't ask for much or act like we don't really need stuff or even desire it and when I say say stuff I don't just mean things, I mean, things, success, happiness, desires and even good health. It's okay with God if you ask, He just wants you to ask according to His will, which is His Word.

I believe our culture has marred the fact that it is God's will for us to ask by being unbalanced in our approach- meaning we put more weight on getting stuff than we do the character it takes to keep the stuff! Our Heavenly Father tells us to ask for what we need becasue His desire is our depency be on Him and not on the world's systems. I've found that one of the keys to life is balance, it is an absolute must because when you live in extremes life is intense and so are you! Extremes can cause you to be self-righteous and critical and you miss out on the grace extended to us all to live our best lives. Living our best life consists of living by faith, living out our purpose and experiencing God's abundance. Living your best life means honoring God, yourself and others and finding a way to serve humanity through your call and purpose in life. Which is one the things I love to teach about in my signature course-Bridge to Breakthrough.

During a time of travel time to Illinois I took in so much information and learned so many things during the time of my Grandmother’s passing that I felt overwhelmed. I felt like my brain and emotions were stuck in neutral gear and somehow I needed to shift into drive in order release information in a good way and hear from my spirit. During the first flight I began to write to release the whirling emotions. I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to write about first, but as I continued to think on things one of the reigning themes on my mind was living life from a place of faith-based momentum and taking the opportunity to live life without the limits of “What If”. I was thinking about how it's impossible to live a life of faith and blame at the same time, I was thinking you have to choose one or the other. I say that because alot of times we as humans we can lend ourselves to all the reasons why we can't dream, live a life of purpose, write that book right now or start that business because we blame it on something else. I was thinking we have to get out of blame and get into faith. I was in my head about my Grandmother, hoping she lived how she wanted, did everything she dreamed of, became everything she determined to be, served humanity the way she desired and most importantly loved without limits. I was wondering if I would live the way I questioned whether on not my Grandmother lived to the full. I thought instead of living in prolonged stuck-ness as we do sometimes, learn to act on the ideas that come across as “Aha” moments and go for it -by saying

what we need to, forgiving when we need to and honoring and loving like we need to and handling business like we need to.

Of course, we need to count up cost of whatever we are thinking, dreaming or planning but once we do a novel idea would be to, act! Instead of just waiting for the right time or the right people’s approval or worse letting fear dictate our outcomes. Now while I realize every idea may not make the “winners” list, I think it’s time to start writing the list more frequently and make it plain in order to move forward into our life’s legacy. It dawned on me most recently that as believer's we cannot go past the last instruction God gave us so we might as well step out in faith and act in obedience and work in excellence to grow in our assignments and our character. As believer's we have an advantage, we are not doing things alone, we are powered by God.

Understanding my call to public speaking, encouraging others, doing good and heralding the Gospel message, my first thought was to create a “Pop-up” Clinic on my return home to edify others. This is one of the first ideas I wanted to step out on because I learned that through dramatic and awful odds my Grandmother kept living her life to the best of her ability and that takes risk and vulnerability to keep showing up no matter what is happening! Pop-up's dont' take extreme planning or time so I thought it was a good idea so stay tuned. I also decided that renting was for the birds, I was ready to start the porcess of owning a home, I finally felt ready and no matter the roadblocks I knew my faith would take me the rest of the way.

My Gram fought cancer long and hard but she kept showing up and I respected her and her faith dearly for that kind of presence in the world. I knew the prodding in my spirit was nudging me to show up in an even greater way even in such a time of vulnerability. I was really ready to show up even with not knowing who would show up to receive what I was ready to pour and/or not knowing if anyone would show up to help me pour but I believed greatness awaited. I felt there was need to give what I offered which was a passionate desire to build others up, to teach and step out on faith to let the cocoon of entrepreneurship be opened again to experience the financial freedom that always felt one short reach away. While speaking at her services and again flying home I had an overwhelming sense to serve (#towelovertitles). I was ready to leave the land of “just enough.” I was prepared to do this by-

  1. Acknowledging what I felt in my spirit and emotions. Giving voice to the passion of ministry and business that would empower others to the point that they become unstuck and readied with an arsenal of ideals to move forward in life.

  2. Realizing and accepting that it wasn’t just everybody else’s time, it was my time too.

  3. Believing that as I stepped out in faith God would be a present help with time, money, strength, wisdom and momentum to keep me going and to prosper me.

  4. Understanding that death is final and when you are gone, it’s only your legacy that lives on and while I didn’t have all the answers starting somewhere was a beginning blueprint for my success.

  5. Pruning and letting go are necessary in order to make room for the new life you see before you.

  6. Appreciating mental momentum and following up on the rich knowledge capital and experience I was afforded to encounter.

  7. Removing the threat of toxicity without apology or guilt. Learning to deny self-sabotaging habits and go for it.

  8. Continuously apprehending the life purpose that I was created to live in order to carry on a legacy and even to create a new one.

  9. Get around other people that were excited to birth vision in their lives and take practical steps to see that happen.

  10. Telling my story without apology, including the messy parts (and I did just that when I returned home).

  11. Teaching when given the opportunity

  12. Working and praying together with like-minded individuals

My Grandmother was a fighter in the sense that when life happened she didn’t shrink and I’ve also

witnessed her be humble enough to ask for help. She put on her gloves of faith, strong mental aptitude and attitude to move forward in life (against insurmountable odds) so if I were to use her weaponry, I needed to use it now to create and build the life I believed I was supposed to have. I was tired of coming up short in the sense of living a fuller life and I knew it was time to tell my story and let God lead the way into the open doors he already had prepared for me.

So, I asked myself a question, "If you could give your teen-age self a lesson or provide something for your teen-age self, what would it be?" The answer to that question was simple, I would introduce myself the Jesus, and make sure I knew I had value. I would make sure I knew I was born with a purpose and that my voice mattered. I would give myself lessons on money and entrepreneurship. I would make sure I knew how to make wise choices and to know that I was loved and to love was one of the highest calls in life. I would make sure I knew that my body and health were treasures and not to be taken lightly or given away easily. I would make sure I knew that friendships and relationships are more about complementing than they are compromising with each other.

These were just a few answers, I could go on, but this was enough information to give me a road that pointed due north in the days to come. I didn’t want anyone else to have the obligation to tell my story or give the lessons I'd learned- I wanted that honor and I would continue to do that through the vehicle of preaching, teaching, giving, marketplace ministry, loving and serving others and other ways yet to be discovered. If you are embarking on a journey similiar to mine I suggest making an investment in yourself through life-coaching, Strength-Finder's Tests, a life master-class and/or a spiritual gift's assessment test to bring clarity to call, gifts and talents.

During this time of re-discovery I felt like God was speaking to me about thriving but also about cutting off that which didn’t allow me to blossom. You have to get to a point where you stop self-sabotaging with discouragement and take heart, in order to manifest what you truly desire to see in your life. Discouragement blinds you with negativity, lack of confidence, lack of enthusiasm and difficulty- taking heart or opting to be courageous will foster the ability in you to do "it" even in the face grief, pain or unsurety or difficulty. Jesus overcame this world by his faith and his Word says, "Everyone who is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that has overcome the world-even our faith (1 John 5:4). You are an overcomer already!

Understand that as an overcomer your faith needs the right atmosphere to thrive and to be ripe enough to manifest the demonstration of God's power. This ripeness comes through being in alignment with truth and the God- kind of faith . The God-kind of faith is predicated on the Word, it believes, then speaks what it believes, and manifests what it is hoping to see.

This time of rediscovery meant acknowledging the behaviours that kept me loaded down and unable to fly so to speak. It is our responsibility to use what God has given us to be and do in a greater sense as we go from level to level in our lives. Coming from a rich heritage felt good even if there were some bad stories interwoven into the fabric of our family tree; when we become aware of the bad it is our responsibility to say, “This stops here.” Rich, rich, rich heritages are good but our inheritance in Christ trumps even the best family heritage. So it was time to filter every ideal through gospel of Jesus Christ and His Great Commission to see if it would stand the test to advance His kingdom. I realize to do that you must step forward in faith into the realm of possibility, purpose, God’s protection, and faith in God’s provisional care. It's also remembering that once you take flight -higher altitudes can bring on turbulence so in order to continue soaring ground yourself in healthy principles and faith being reminded that you are never alone and it is God who is always perfecting that which concerns you. Always remember use your authentic voice to speak up about the direction you are choosing to take in your relationships, career, ministry and life, how will people know if you don't tell them. Several things started to shift in my life after this experience and there was no time to get ready I needed to be ready. This experience taught me to be ready!

I wanted to take steps of faith to dive deeper into my assignment not only for me but generations after me and for my Grandmother who had now gone on to be with Jesus. I’d heard the tough family stories and I now desired to create a legacy of walking in purpose, service & healthy relationships to add to her legacy of family, faith, service to her community and healthy finances. I especially did not want leave this earth without being an advocate for those left to rejection and abandonment who go about looking for love in all the wrong places. I wanted to be an advocate for authenticity, truth, giving, love and acceptance to those who needed it most. It is my call to build them up to be able to embark on their own journey of purpose, prosperity and service intertwined with great quality relationships.

As I mentioned, the first time I told my whole truth about infidelity and lack of personal value was shortly after my Grandmother’s

passing, on a tele-summit with other women that I am calling “amazing”! We each had about 25 minutes and all of the stories were amazing, true, rich and triumphant due to one factor, God’s lavish love and care reaching out to conquer the enemies that tried to defeat us and restore us to wholeness. I felt very vulnerable, I cried a little but afterward but I felt such a sense of freedom and comradery. Here is the link:

God spoke to me and told me that even though I felt, vulnerable to keep going and I was going to walk right into a breakthrough where my suddenlies awaited! I knew it was up to me to keep going, to rest when I needed but to never quit. Faith-based momentum is hearing God’s word and deciding it is the final authority in your life and with that having an expectation so strong in His promise and your vision that it keeps you progressively moving toward your goals. Faith-based momentum keeps you postured to witness God's demonstrative power at work in your life and the lives of others. Faith helps us to overcome roadblocks and obstacles especially when we believe we are who God says we are even when the world is screaming for us to shrink. God says, “I know the plans and thoughts I have for you, says the Lord, plans of peace and well-being and not for disaster but to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11) so when we know this and believe we can be sure that even if we can’t see the whole staircase we can at least take the next step.

In going through some of my Grandmother’s things my mother found a card that said,” Pat Jackson-Experienced Babysitter” along with her contact information, the card was really old and the paper was yellow. I saw picture of her in a fashion show and community activism, I took such pride in knowing more about her life and how creative she was. It spoke volumes to me, it said she was not afraid to put herself out there, she was a business woman, she served her community in a positive way, she believed in herself, believed in her skills and talents and she was about her business! I learned that from a small child my Grandmother walked through tough odds that were against her but she chose by faith to live an empowered life to the best of her ability.

So, what will your next move be? It’s up to us to garner our focus, be prayerful, execute the plan and remain in good company. While I realize this was an unusually personal blog, I hope you’ve been encouraged or inspired in some way to move forward with something on your list! In addition to leaving the land of “just enough” know that banking on yourself will yield some of your life’s best returns but believing God will yield a whole new you and a whole new life.

"Coach" Kimberly Lee

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