Align your soul and step into your wealthy place.

Starting over, graduating or coming into a new beginnings are all amazing things. It means that we’ve done our work, gotten out of our beloved comfort zones and are standing gallantly on the shores of promise ready to charge into new horizons! It can also mean the gigs up, no more hiding in holding patterns, God has called your number and its time for the greatness that you are graced with to come to the forefront. A lot of times we stay in holding patterns because we subconsciously believe someone is coming to rescue us from our mediocrity in the cultural lull of what we call everyday life or we sabotage our own success or we are simply looking through the wrong lens so we are not aware of our life’s vision. Whichever is true or has been true I think it's important to note, no one is coming to save you and real life requires you pass the test in order to get to the proverbial promise land. Please also note that you are the absolute master piece of God, a chosen faith filled standard-bearer God has selected to influence and impact the ethos of today’s cultural wanderlust by living the ordained abundant life that leads to your God ordained value, life-vision and the power of our own personal voice.

Can you remember your first time riding a bike? Remember the fresh air, the sunshine and the grip of

your hands on the handle bars, the gaze of your eyes straight ahead and the readiness to take off lightning fast down the street once your parent let go of the seat? All of this scenery only to wobble a few feet down the side walk, lose your balance, fall down and bite the dust? Just like that first bike ride and the excitement surrounding it new beginnings can have all kinds of excitement without the expectation to wobble to the ground. Excitement without expectation and awareness will only lead to inspiration not -successful demonstration.

I can hear you saying, come on Kim is this supposed to encourage me”? Believe me I am not trying to steal your thunder but I do want to remind you to expect to wobble a bit during fresh starts in life and to fortify your new beginning. Many things in life can throw us out of alignment especially new beginnings and I don’t want you to bite the dust! I am writing to you to remind you to prepare for your new start, expect the best but do expect to wobble and be aware so you can make adjustments as needed. New beginnings can be daunting to say the least however if you are willing to take courage and dip your foot and your faith into the next level you can definitely cross over into a new way of being, thriving, serving and living.

Take heart, there are several ways to navigate a new beginning you simply have to narrow down your ideals and decide how you are going to go about whatever “new” thing you are embarking upon. Now, that sounds easy written down on paper but we know that it takes some serious courage, reflection, and wise-decision making to move forward successfully. In short, new beginnings require life and soul alignment. When you align your soul you position your self for growth, maturity, influence, impact and blessings!

Did I mention courage? You will need plenty courage to move forward (not just move on) gracefully and accept your new lot in life. I say move forward because to simply move on is just that, you move from one position in life to the next without putting any thought into how you will intentionally pilot into a beginning that supports your new positioning successfully. It’s like when your car needs an alignment, it pulls to one side because the angles of the wheels are not properly adjusted, and you don’t want your new beginning to be out of alignment because you haven’t made the necessary adjustments to roll into your new start. Let me also interject here that asking the Universe, “Why me?” will not be serve you well in a new start, instead ask yourself, “What can I learn?” The question, “Why me?” will mainly box you in mentally and emotionally always bringing the focus back to you and as you know we finite beings are not omniscient so we do not have all the answers, so, be open to learning from new sources and gain understanding from your own reflection time - this opens you up to a world of lessons, answers and even healing.

My first suggestion, capitalize on quiet time so you have time to reflect and plan, I cannot tell you how important this has been for me whenever I embark on something new. One of the things that make me most frustrated is when I have no time to just think and listen so that I can adjust my personal frequency and bring life into balance.

New beginnings bring on a barrage of emotions, fears and even frustrations so it is vital to remember to quiet your soul (mind, will and emotions) so that you can consistently envision your direction, understand your mission and achieve your goals. Because things are new and require new standards you can often feel uncomfortable and ask quite frequently, “Will things ever fall into place”? Let me encourage you, this new time may feel like it’s dragging along, however, there is such a thing called, “seed time and harvest” which means what you choose to plant will always come back to you- with that being said, because you are “planting” good works now that means that “good results” later! Now my name is not Mother Time so I don’t have a time frame on your harvest but I do know that the law of seed time and harvest is real! Because of the Word of God and because of farmers and stuff! Whatever you choose to sow whether it is goods, money, time, effort, or even a good attitude at some point you will reap a return of the seed, so be mindful of what and how you sow because it will determine whether you receive a harvest of blessing or consequence.

Here are some tips that have served me well when starting over and here’s to your blessings!

1. New beginnings require a mind to work and usually its hard work but remember to rest.Get to a quiet place on a regular basis so that you can quiet your soul (mind, will, emotions, imagination), pray, meditate to bring your soul out of chaos and into alignment. You will also bring your soul into alignment by reading, meditating and acting on the Word of God. Remember when you believe truth, you end up speaking truth and when you speak truth you will end up acting out the truth, it’s a good cycle.

2. Stop affirming your problems and remember to positively affirm yourself and your new beginning in a positive light.

3. Remember this is a new beginning try not to look at your future through the lens of past failures or pain, take it at face value, discern situations wisely and make the correct decisions.

4. Please be careful of your connections during such a sensitive time. Guarantee that those in your circle have like-minded-ness for overall success for their life and yours.

5. Assure connections new and old have quality character. Make sure they stretch you to do better and hold you accountable instead of diminish you. Lastly assure that your connections bless you in word and deed because you will not have time to baby sit someone else’s character while you’re starting over or embracing a new lifestyle.

6.I know that our emotions are important however master your emotions do not allow them to master you.

7.Since you’ve decided to embrace your new beginning keep your character and attitude in a good space this way you protect your name and integrity.

8.Go the extra mile to take care of you and invest in yourself.

9. Use wisdom in all your dealings, stop and think before making any rash decisions. If you know someone who has traversed this way before get their advice.

10. Foster an attitude of gratitude.

11. Practice the perfection you’d like to see in your new beginning. Remember it's not a sprint more like a marathon.

12. Understand that this is your journey, while others may have good advice they cannot travel the journey in place of you.

13. Replenish regularly, keep the faith and keep moving forward. Again, your journey is unique to you and you are unique so travel this journey appreciating your differences trusting that uniqueness sets you apart and that God has a special harvest in mind just for you!

Well, I hope I’ve added value to your journey in some way! My final thought, as believers, God tells us that faith without works is dead (James 2:17) ; meaning faith will not produce any result if we do not take part in the process by believing, expecting and working toward the goals in our fresh start. I’ve come to the revelation that we are a people who loves to be in control as much as humanly possible and because of this we have faith but lean heavily on our works so much so that we leave God out of the picture then the harvest He desires to release to us is stifled because of our busy works! Balance people balance! We should have a balance of faith and works that allow God room to move in our lives to replenish us and bless us so that we can be a blessing to others.

Your new beginning will require you to take regular rest stops spending time in God’s presence, renewing your mind, speaking well of yourself and expecting maturity and growth from yourself. As well, new beginnings will require you to detach from the negative experiences that assist you in sabotaging your success. You will have to intentionally choose to be aware of your thoughts- agreeing with truth, casting down negative thoughts and taking actions that align with your new future.

As we embark on new beginnings if our soul is constantly out of alignment we will gain a harvest of confusion and frustration- to prevent this get aligned with divine revelation and the practical steps to position yourself for clarity, directions, momentum, open doors and the multi-dimensional favor that God has just for you!

Here's to your new beginnings!

Coach Kim

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