Do you need a spa day?

Hey Y.E.L.!!!!

A spay day to relax and to mentally rest sounds so nice, I agree and wish I was Oprah right now because all of you would have a day paid in full at the most posh spa in the city!

I’m not the coupon fairy however I am stopping by to remind you and encourage you to breathe, relax your shoulders, unclench your jaws and put your feet up.

God is in control ALL THE TIME and we are only in the drivers seat SOMETIMES or so we like to

Anywho—-the other day when it was raining really hard here in Seattle and I got up from working, closed my laptop and opened my patio door.

I purposely took several deep breaths, allowed my face to experience the light breeze and the beating sound of the rain with my eyes closed for the next few moments. I allowed myself some... SELF CARE! I thought of nothing and no one. I let whichever emotions come to the top in that moment that were on my ❤️ heart.

Gratitude was at the top of the list so I whispered “Thank you Lord, thank you so much, I am grateful for this moment with you and this moment with me. It could be so much worse. I allowed my self to release any weight.

Tears began to roll down my cheeks just like the rain was falling from the sky. When I started to LET GO, in those moments there were no problems, no bills, no grief, no goal sheets just God, me and nature. I casted every care I had and received His peace in return.

Read Psalm 55:22

In the past I’ve had to defend my health against strong bouts of vertigo. This is a sensation of whirling, loss of balance and extreme nausea. In a nutshell your brain thinks you’re in motion but you’re not —this is called false motion. Haven’t had a bout in quite some time, thank God! I started taking whatever measures I could to prevent the episodes. I noticed they would come on when I was extremely stressed or tired; hence false motion. I learned real quick to sit down somewhere and say NO when I needed to because I hated that feeling.

I want to encourage you to have more of these serene moments (not false motion) because I don’t think... I know we have far too many moments as HUMANS where we are carrying weight that does not belong to us.


Because we cling to control which leads to worry and anxiety. In a nutshell, it’s pride. Remember Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light. If you’re feeling heavy lay some things down in prayer and be still for a time. I bet you will feel better.

I have not arrived to a perfect state but I am learning to do what I can to the best of my ability, to pray, to ask for help when needed and to let go when necessary especially if I have no control over the situation.

I prayerfully urge you, Take some time out tonight to breathe, shoot do it for the rest of the week. Maybe with a cup of tea, a journal and some quiet or quit (see what I did there🤣) time, just for you.

You’re worth it!

Coach Kim🌟

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