Empowered Thought: Evolve & Develop Gradually 🌟🌟🌟

Empowered Thought:

Evolve: Develop Gradually


In order to evolve we must commit to the process of BECOMING true sons/daughters of God and our authentic selves instead of slaves to a mentality that causes us to hide.

Sometimes we accept the spiritual part but need to work on the practical things that help us to be ok -showing up authentically. I am praying feverishly that we walk this out in courage!


Sometimes in life negatives overshadow us so we don’t develop properly. We have been looking at the wrong images in life which brings about the wrong reflection of us, misunderstandings and prevention of development.


Understanding and accepting TRUTH about our identity is what frees us to show up authentically. For example the truth is : we are sons/daughters of God made in His image and in order to reflect that we must accept and live out this truth to evolve.


Kind of like a sheet of photographic paper is exposed to the light (gradually)coming through the negative ——resulting in a positive version of the image on the paper.

In our case, once we are exposed to THE LIGHT (Jesus Christ), if you will, we will have developed the true image of who we really are. Always remember our position is settled but we must work on our practice to be authentic sons/daughters daily!! Thank God for Holy Spirit! We must come to a place where we are ok with who God created us to be and love it!


God said to me: “The freedom to BE authentic comes with liberty and responsibility.” End quote


Here are some questions to hopefully help us evolve :

1. What is your response to living as your authentic self? Are you hiding? Why?

2. Are you under/ around the right influences?

3. Do you have healthy connections?

4. What are you listening to? Is it conducive to your growth?

5. Are you in healthy covenants?

6. What is your response to the ability God has given you?

7. Do you shrink when others come around? Why?

8. Do you set healthy emotional boundaries with others or do you have acceptance addictions?

If you have thoughts on this let us hear you—— Y.E.L.!!!!! below

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