Fear of failure or nah?

Let's dive in with Kim as she discusses:

What is fear?

What is emotion?

How we can get back in control when it comes to fear.

Why God says, "We do not have to fear!"

What we can do to reframe our fear.

Let's take the leap, watch below

Don't forget to grab Kim's new release-Wisdom from the Wilderness.

Wisdom from the Wilderness is a composed of practical principles, spiritual insight and encouragement guiding you into clarity and action through journaling.

Here's the link: http://bit.ly/wisdomwins2020

The time and effort you will put into this experience are the epitome of self-care! When we carve out this distinctive time with which to learn about God, ourselves, others and decide our own resolutions about the one life we must live- it will result in many things but here are three: -Time well spent -resulting in clarity and focus

-Healing of our emotions -Precision when it comes to purpose -Personal fulfillment, peace and reward

Coach Kim,

Blessings Winner,

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