Follow the Fear?

Fear of failure can be quite daunting and even paralyzing. How do I know? Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of mistakes in life which led to me not wanting to try again.

I learned to truly start confronting my fear when I began digging around for my life purpose a few years ago. I knew if I was going to passionately pursue my purpose in life I was definitely going to have to confront some fear. This may sound funny but I knew I would fail, procrastinate and wait for a approval because I’d never gone after purpose before and I knew the journey wasn’t going to be easy. I mean these were uncharted waters and I was excavating my passions and unlearning systems and beliefs I’d stood by for years. So failure was expected however, the key to this new experience: Fail Forward! Failing forward means to learn the lesson from the failed attempt, move forward strategically and that way you always win!

We fear failure because we allow our emotions to lead, we compare ourselves to others and then we label our experience with things like, “I’ll try later or I really didn’t want to anyway.” By falsely or prematruely labeling our experience we are protecting our ego and most likely settling instead pusing past any limiting beliefs. I'm not saying the fear we feel is not real but if we are ”playing it safe” we are really just existing instead of thriving. In order to thrive-sometimes we need to follow that fear and do what causes us to live more purposefully.

Here‘s a few questions to help reframe that fear:

1. Ask yourself why you are really afraid to fail and journal your answers.

2. Ask yourself “what would happen if I don’t do this “thing” because I’m afraid to fail?”

3. Ask yourself, “If I did fail at this thing, how would I recover?

4. Ask yourself, if I could reframe this fear into excitement and move forward would I be able to take the first step?

5. Ask yourself, “What one thing do I want to experience, have or achieve that a year from now I would be so proud that I started?”

6. Ask yourself, “Could I do this if I had an accountability partner?

It is possible to reframe your fear by using it as fuel to get excited and take the next step into desired goal.

Remember we don’t sit our way into purpose, we “do” our way into purpose which means sometimes taking action with our knees shaking. When we count up the cost of our endeavor and move forward even in the face of fear

it creates courage for the next time we have to take a leap of faith.

As long as it’s legal and not crazy, follow that fear by starting the paperwork, taking the class, making the call. The worst case, you learn several lessons to use the next time you want to do something impactful.Failure is a part of life so don’t let it stop you from living. I‘m rooting for you and I believe you’ve got this!

A little encouragement:

Overhearing what was being said, Jesus said to the synagogue official, “Do not be afraid; only keep on believing [in Me and my power].” Mark 5:36

Coach Kim

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