It’s all God and it’s all good

I was reading the Bible this morning about 3a.m. in the book of John and verse 21 struck a chord with me. It says: “But whoever practices truth (and does what is right-morally, ethically, spiritually) comes to the Light so that his works may be plainly shown to be what they are-accomplished in God (divinely prompted, done with God’s help in dependence on Him.”

Now I could dig into this for days however I just wanted to share the simple truth that I gained from meditating on this truth. It is this, “Any good in my life or any good that I accomplish comes from God.” Any deeds of truth we practice or any good works that come out of our lives are Gods reality working within us because we’ve accepted Him in our life by faith. God’s (practiced) Truth within us gets rid of the illusion eluding to the fact that we could do any of this transformation and goodness on our own. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced God’s sustained goodness and transforming power in my life which can be measured and scaled! I bet we both can look back and say, ”Oh, yea, only God could’ve done that!”

When we continually practice truth Christ Jesus the person of Light burns brightly within us to reveal the God-kind of life in us and in this world. That Light also reveals the motive and true substance of our works. The Divine illumination that reveals and imparts life happens when we are born again. Aren’t you glad about new life? Me too, talk soon.


Coach Kim

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