Life lessons about Closure

Closure may not necessarily bring an end to pain or questions. Closure can bring progress if you go about it the right way. However if your emotions aren’t healthy you may simply just be looking for connection as a disguise for closure. Here’s what I’ve experienced for sure:

⭐️You can experience healthy closure and make progress.

🌟You can experience no closure and make progress.

⭐️That person or situation you are looking to give you closure may not be wise enough to give it to you since they weren’t wise enough to treat you right in the first place.

🌟Either way you have the power to put your hand on the door knob and close it yourself.

⭐️God can heal you past your need for closure and make you whole. You’ve got to do the healing work tho.

🌟You’ve got to get know the healed/whole you to live effectively and free. Alone (not lonely) time used effectively will catapult you into wholeness, new freedom and destiny, if u let it. Get out of your way.

🌟To be productive stop asking why and start asking what you can learn about you, the situation and others. Ask, how can this pain serve my purpose.

🌟If you truly need closure to serve your future self and your future work God will authorize it if you don’t He will encourage you to move forward!

🌟You can trust God with your happiness.

Better things await you,

Chapter from the life of Coach Kim

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