Build Again!

Entrpreneurs and business owners take their ideas and move them into higher yielding areas and they seek opportunities for new markets in order to turn a profit and ownership is absolutely an amazing experience. My Grandfather was an entrepreneur/business owner, my Father was for a while and so is my Uncle! I’ve previously owned and operated my businesses full-time with no back up plan and it went well for two years. I’d always loved the idea of leaving my 9-5 job, risking it all to create products for untapped markets and speak to tribe’s tailored just for my products and services. I did it, I did just that and all was going well, profits were good then I hit a stall and it all came crashing down.

In addition to being a mother, a wife, a pastor’s wife to boot and assistant, along with several other hats I was also a business owner. I didn’t want the get rich quick scheme type of business either, I wanted to build nice and steady so that I could have some lasting success while still keeping my eyes open for other opportunities in which to invest. While the ideal is amazing and very doable it became really hard to operate when I’d felt like I was losing everything including myself. After everything came crashing down due to infidelity in my then marriage, I did my absolute best to keep my business going but because of all the trauma I was experiencing on a daily basis there came a time when I knew I would have to take some time to recover, rediscover myself and rebound from my own mistakes. My clients were waning and so was my strength and I had to decide, "Will I remain a victim to circumstance or will I regain my vision and build again?"

Every hardship in life comes to teach a valuable lesson, the question is will we take the time to learn it? I learned early on the most important asset in your business or venture is you! If you are tired and worn out mentally, physically and emotionally your business will be too. Here are some things I did to recoup my losses and recover my vision for business-

Know that you can build again-Well, if you are spiritual and a believer of Jesus Christ it will be by His Spirit. In the scripture the Spirit is represented by oil (Zechariah 4) and oil has several uses. It is the Oil of God that anoints us for service so we don’t wear out due to life’s friction, heals and comforts us when we need it; the oil of God is the light that burns within us as a witness for Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God empowers us for service, adorns us to be more like Jesus and polishes our rough edges with deliverance so that God’s Spirit and fruit shines through our character. Build with God and according to his blueprint so you are not wasting your time building in vain. Ask in prayer how your life should be an expression of the Kingdom of God.

Take the time to heal-I decided to stop feeling guilty about my healing process and how long it was taking. I also decided to stop comparing myself to every person on social media that was doing something remotely close to what I was doing; this only stunted my growth and was not a true marker for success. I stopped comparing my chapter five to their chapter twenty- the same way I closed a business would be the same way I ‘d open one again through planning, preparation and being clear on what I really wanted and how I wanted to serve others.

Understand you-You need to spend enough time with yourself to know who you are and who you are not and this is a journey not a destination. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone to get the answers you need, take off any masks and heal. You may need help with this; I suggest a safe(s) places like prayer, talks with a friend, leader, spouse, therapist or all of the above. The key to knowing you is finding the courage to face the good, the bad and the ugly about yourself but don’t stay there, foster your strengths and realize your blind spots this way you prevent self-sabotage when success presents itself to you.You are God's masterpiece and the best freedom you will ever experience is taking the time to evolve in your best and highest self.

4. Be honest about where you are-After losing a marriage, a ministry, my family as I knew it and my business I tried to re-start in business prematurely and each time it was a fail. So I took inventory to find the underlying variable and it was me, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted nor did I have the mental or emotional capacity to start again. I had to be honest about where I was mentally, emotionally and financially. While I listened to many Periscoper’s or Facebooker’s who said, “You are just not trying hard enough or you are just scared” the truth was I wasn’t ready. I needed to focus on rebuilding me, my children and my finances before I could do business like I wanted to again. There is a proverb that says, “Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house” and that is exactly what I decided to do(Proverbs 24:27)

5. Get clear- I needed to really hone in on who I was becoming and what I wanted. I needed to decide how I would use that knowledge to build again in life and business. During my healing process somethings became clear, a)I didn’t need to get paid for what I loved to do-coach others and speak publically-meaning I was so passionate it about that I could do it without missing the time. Ultimately the goal is to get paid. Part (B) I was not at the place just yet and I needed to support my family so I went back to work. Teaching, coaching, ministering, building people up and encouraging them came naturally so I kept at it because it was a part of the process.

6. Understand timing- As I was journaling one day, (the couch was my accelerator and think tank) it came to me to prepare my speaker sheet and speaking contract. I wasn’t a full fledge business yet but I wanted to be ready for opportunity.

7. Say yes to opportunity-Not shortly after I prepared those documents my biggest speaking gig to date presented itself in the way of a phone call from a representative at SEA-TAC International Airport. I was noticed by someone who watched my Facebook videos and they referred me for the paid position! How was I going to pay for all of this, I was my only accredited investor at the time? I learned that if I ever expected anyone else to invest in what I believed in, I would have to take part in the investment first and I did just that! I arrived in Seattle, gave my talk to budding business owners and one’s that were on the fence, finished with great reviews and new connections. It dawned on me like never before, you are not your mistakes nor are you what you go through but you can use it to build the life and business of your dreams.

8. Wash, rinse repeat-While these ideals may not be your traditional business garb they are one’s that worked for me in a down turn. Throughout one of the hardest times in my life I’d found my honeypot and now I needed to go back and gain proof of concept to substantiate what worked and what didn’t so that I could create a blue print for future successes. God wants to give you a blue print for success and wealth. Now everything didn’t happen overnight but I continued to move forward and like any business you have spikes and slumps but the key is remain consistent and collaborate with the people to create something lasting and profitable. My offer to speak was proof that what I possessed was valuable, it was needed and it had potential to be scalable.

9.Understand your call- Take the time to find out what God has anointed you to do and you’re your gift-

mix is so that you can align these things with your interests to be most effective in your call and even career. Before I decided to fully re-opened my business I began to master my career and still take speaking engagements, blog, come up with new book ideas and increase my social media presence. Some people go cold turkey getting back into business, but I was not interested in the struggle so I continued to move forward with a plan. If you plant to leave a job have a plan first. I maintained steady paid speaking engagements but not enough to go full-time and I was okay with being in that space- ambition is good but directed ambition is even better. I realized that it is important as a business owner or potential business owner that you need to know and understand your gifting and your grace and your product so that you don’t waste time being all over the place in ventures that are not moving your real vision forward. Your vision may change over time like mine did but the practice of drilling down never gets old in business because it makes your entire entity leaner which creates space for other bonefide endeavors.

10. One of the biggest lessons I learned was to get up again, to try again and to create again for the long-haul not just how to make “$10,000 in 10 days” ventures. I learned to take the time to learn what I was doing so I didn’t have to be on everyone else’s schedule when it came to what I was crafting. Kane Brown says, “I am not interested in changing who I am to fit someone else’s idea of what a category should be or look like” and I agree!

I learned that a product or service has to be quality and well thought out to be quantifiable so that it can be reproduced in order to be profitable. I learned that it takes consistency, creativity, hard work, correction, the right mindset and some thick skin to build something that lasts. I had to learn what to say no to and what to yes to- to foster self-care and my best business practices. In today’s society we are brushed with the stroke that failure is final when in fact owning a business taught me that the key is to learn to fail forward and when you do you become an architect of things that float successfully instead of things you are always trying to patch up. In the words of investment mogul Warren Buffett, “Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks. I’m not interested in patching leaks but instead creating a business legacy that can be built upon by later generations. With that being said, I am rebuilding intentionally upon the tenets of clear vision, personal gifting, consistency, visibility, creativity, integrity, customer care, prayer and profitability because I plan to sail successfully in business for a long time. How about you?

Kimberly Lee

Empowered Living


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