Life can be frustrating, especially when you feel like you’ve arrived at certain place, you’ve gained traction and then come to dead stop in a certain area. You are not getting the result you want and you even wonder, ”What is wrong with my plan, what is wrong with me?”

It‘s kind of like being in the middle of a bridge and you can’t go backward because the ropes are unraveling; you can only go forward.

The moment is not without emotion and waning strength however you can only go in one direction: forward!

You don’t know what’s at the end of the bridge or even past the bridge but you know you have to build something new. The great thing is-you absolutely have what it takes. You simply have to give yourself a clean slate, a new canvas because it’s not about holding on to what was -but the opportunity create something lasting.

So there’s nothing left to do except:

1. Breathe-Take some time to rest and reflect to clear your mind of intrusive thoughts that leave you feeling inadequate

2. Realize that if you've come this far you have what it takes to evolve personally and get the job done

3. Understand that God didn’t bring you this far to leave you-dig deeper in prayer, your prayer Word and educational materials

4. Use your time wisely

5. Finish what you start

6. Be more convinced of a good future than you are a underdeveloped present or regretful past

7. Know that what God has begun in you he will perfect (Philippians 1:3) he will not abandon the work He started in you not will he abandon you as you fulfill purpose

8. You are responsible to believe and to work with God, work the works he has graced you with and trust Him for the results

9. Remember to keep an attitude of gratitude because its the right thing to do, it establishes a mindset that is elevated above present circumstance, reminds you that it could be worse

Be intentional and pursue your personal development and your purpose! God is able to take what seems like a muddled mess into a miracle.

Coach Kim

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