Tidbits from 2019

1.It’s not ok to bridle your conversations with pretense so that you keep up an unhealthy façade with in (any type) of relationship; personal, work church business etc. In other words, release truth with respect and receive truth with respect in the way of communication because life is short -so say what you mean and mean what you say. This may sound elementary, but humans build so many walls and have so many unmerited expectations that our relationships suffer due to lack of simple, tactful truths that have the capacity to build the most freeing relationships we have ever experienced.

2. People who you perceive to be strong need prayer, rest, gifts and help just like everybody else check on them.

3. Just because someone is weary doesn’t mean they don’t believe God or believe in God. Don’t judge; pray or speak a kind word into their lives it can go a long way.

4. If someone says they are tired, believe them. It may not be just physical it may be that they need a soul rest (mind, will, emotions) and need to take a sabbatical to recover from life’s happenings.

5. Some people in church are not getting what they need mentally and emotionally and there needs to be a serious dialogue around this moving forward to see holistic recovery and significant growth in the Body of Christ.

6. Mental health matters don’t be ashamed to get professional, qualified help it in no way makes you un-spiritual.

7. Tell your story with truth, tact and love. Your story is full of the truth and experience someone else needs to pull through. Dismiss the bullies that threaten you because they will look bad. If they are truly free, they won’t care.

8. Recovery from traumatic experiences don’t have an expiration date, just keep working towards wholeness. Most people don’t even acknowledge something traumatic has happened to them so if you are acknowledging it and working toward your healing and wholeness you are doing great, celebrate your courageous beginning and throughout your journey.

9. Take time for self-care. If you are inundated with other people’s voices and images you won’t be able to hear your own.

10. Are you doing what you are doing for you or everyone else? If you just consider everyone else’s needs, you will be imbalanced. Create a healthy balance in serving others around you (family included) so you prevent burnout and resentment.

11. Just because your plan didn’t work the first time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revisit the plan. If you plan to re-visit a goal again reconsider questions like: “Is it the right timing? Do I have enough resources, if not how can I obtain them? Where can I be more consistent? Do I need help? Do I need a coach?”

12. Rudeness is not a good leadership trait.

13. Confrontation of issues will be necessary. Pray for courage and ask God how to go about speaking with love and tact and move forward with communication that clears the air and brings clarity to the situation.

14. Hearing some good preaching of the true Gospel will do wonders for the soul.

15. Personal responsibility produces momentum!

16. When God says move, move-don’t wait on the opinions of others, obey God and reap the blessings.

17. Respect your good decisions and your bad ones-you can learn and grow from them both. Self-care can only stem from self-worth.

18. Remain grateful.

19. God will open doors for you by His favor and when he does be grateful and walk through with the understanding that if He put you there, He has already equipped you and no one can remove you

20. The joy of the Lord is your strength, protect it!

21. Hard work pays off!

22. Vision is very powerful. If you feel yourself at a standstill pray and create a vision or re-visit your vision to help you move forward. Finish what you start.

23. Assure you have an integral and well-connected support system. Remove accordingly.

24. God is the ultimate source of strength, wisdom, joy and peace. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will carry you through the toughest, most mind-boggling situations. God wastes nothing so you will reap if you don’t faint.

25. Love people where they are and release yourself from any expectation that they should be or perform in a certain way within a relationship unless it is agreed upon. All journeys are not created equal. Loving people does not mean you will agree about everything we are intelligent enough to assess where we need to digress or move forward.

26. Press in for the revelation of God so you don’t have to live by situation-one Word from God can change everything. Live, think and speak and pray from a place of abundance does not lack and expect the best this type of lifestyle is the breeding ground the supernatural move of God in your life.

Coach Kim

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