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I am called to build people up. ~Kimberly


Please allow 48 hours for response. Thanks.

I'd love to be your GO TO when you want to power up your personal value, voice and vision.

I want every audience to know “Your breakthrough is about YOU going beyond imposed barriers into the freedom to be you and do your life authentically without dumbing yourself down.” Using speaking as my primary platform, I speak with clarity, passion and little wit teaching us that “our purpose is bigger than our immediate circles, cycles or circumstances. Although our paths may have been riddled with pain it was never designed to kill us but, if we allow it, can propel us into our purpose. The Bridge to Breakthrough experience is designed to help YOU shift from mindsets that undermine your value, vision and voice while encouraging you to ASK YOURSELF, "WHY NOT ME? 

How did I get here you ask? Several life-shattering events which included being let go from a job, my marriage falling completely apart, abandonment, rejection from others I considered dear and leaving a ministry that I poured my heart and soul into only for it to leave me  feeling deserted and forsaken as a believer.



Feeling lost, from the ashes I decided to do some serious soul-work, and gain some strategies in order to shatter the glass ceiling life seemingly put above my head. With faith in my Creator, belief in myself, a great support system and hard work my  life’s beauty began to emerge again. I will tell you in a New York minute, you are God’s masterpiece created for good works!